King Arthur Silver Excalibur Sword | Camelot Legendary Celtic Fantasy Blade

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King Arthur Silver Excalibur Sword The blade of the true Excalibur was embedded in a boulder in ancient England, and only the real king was able to withdraw it from the stone. If this replica sword is true to the original form, the secret of the monarchy was a tube of epoxy glue which prevented the blade from separating from the handle.

OK, that’s probably not how the legend came about, but this is a very economical version of the legendary sword of Camelot and it will take a little work to be practical even as a reproduction. There’s an obvious gap around the blade at the hilt, which can be fixed with readily available modern materials (like a good epoxy). The result will be a renaissance faire quality sword.

The hilt is decorated with Celtic designs, which I can’t decipher or validate because I don’t know enough about those traditions (but at a Renaissance Faire you probably won’t find many critics with the scholastic background to dispute it). It’s a good quality stainless steel replica blade, unsharpened in case you imbibe too much ale, and it comes with a decent scabbard. If you really believe King Arthur signed it (“King Arthur” is etched on the blade) then you’ve had too much ale at the Faire.

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