Kit Rae Avaquar Fantasy Sword | Twin Stainless Steel Fixed Blade

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Kit Rae Avaquar Fantasy Sword Once upon a time, someone named H. P. Lovecraft wrote a series of horror stories in which an imaginary book (the Necronomicon) was often mentioned. In that book, a race of imaginary mythical beings called the Ancients was mentioned. Long after this, a fellow named Kit Rae got a job as a knife designer for Smoky Mountain Knifeworks, and eventually branched out on his own, as the creator of fantasy swords inspired by that old legend within a legend.

That brings us to Avaquar, Sword of the Deep, one of the blades in a progression of swords so fanciful that as yet no one has come up with a movie into which they fit. Some people are just lightyears ahead of the game, and Kit Rae is someone like that (if he’s real, which some people doubt).

Kit Rae’s work is beautiful, complex, and delicate even though it’s better constructed than most modern replicas of real swords. The blades are very complex in shape, corresponding more to the fantasy realms of light and dark energy than to the real world boundaries of alloy, temper, and cutting edge. This specific item, the twin blade Avaquar, is even less practical than the Sword of Darkness that I admit I do own. So far I’ve detected no magical energies emanating from mine, but you never know. The twin blade of Avaquar might be The Key.

Anyone with a copy of the real Necronomicon they might want to sell, please get in touch.

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