Knight Templar Crusader Medieval Replica Sword | Stainless Steel Weapon Review

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Knight Templar Crusader MedievalMake way for the valiant Knights Templar with this medieval replica sword by Denix honoring the soldiers of the Crusades. They fought for freedom, safety, and social justice during two centuries in the Middle Ages, and witnessed many battles ranging across Europe and the Middle East.

One very distinguishable symbol of the Knights Templar was a red cross. This symbol is embedded into many different features of the sword’s design, like the scabbard and guard for example. The guard features a shield-shaped crest emblazoned with the Crusaders’ cross, and the scabbard has a crisscross pattern winding up the entire length.

The sword alone is a genuine replication of weapons during its time period. The blade is straight and spear-pointed, and features a lengthy blood groove running nearly the entire span of the sword. It’s made from stainless steel.

All the metalwork on the handle, guard, pommel, fittings, and scabbard is made from simulated gold, and genuine red leather is featured on the scabbard as well, signifying the red cross yet again. Overall, the sword measures 44 inches long and weighs 5 pounds.

The full name of the organization was “The Poor Fellow-Soldiers Of Christ and Of the Temple of Solomon.” However, this replica sword doesn’t reflect anything lowly and poor. It’s certainly an ornately detailed weapon fit for proud display or vestment for any historic reenactment.

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