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Lancelot King Arthur Movie Replica Sword

Medieval Fantasy Blade Set

Posted by Ken

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Lancelot King Arthur Movie ReplicaIn movies and in video games, dual sword style is popular; in the real world it hasn't been so useful. Twin weapon styles do exist in the Asian martial arts, but it takes very special people to make them work. Most of us have a dominant hand and the other hand likes to get out of the way and do something not so tricky, like hold a shield. These swords are strictly movie reproduction pieces destined for display or the Renaissance Faire. They come with two over the back sheaths for those bold souls who take them out in public. The blades are black anodized and unsharpened, forged (or possibly stamped) from stainless steel, with genuine plastic handles. The tips of the blades are pointy and if you poked something with them that would probably hurt a lot, so be careful.

Technical specs on these swords is hard to find. Although I don't have a lot of figures to back up my opinion I would expect stats on them to be rather low end. As training weapons, they might find a practical use in the hands of someone very determined to learn the basics of a martial art that doesn't really exist. Anything is possible.

That high pitched whine you hear is Sir Lancelot doing some high speed spinning in his grave.

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