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Leatherman Micra Multitool

Review of 64010103K Mini

Posted by Ken

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Leatherman Micra Multitool The Leatherman Micra is basically a miniaturized version of the Wave, with a few tools left out of the mix since it's smaller. Leatherman included all the basics, though, and made it small enough to have on your key chain so it would be easier to carry around.

It has nine different tools: clip-point knife, three screwdrivers (including both flat and Phillips), nail file, bottle opener, tweezers, ruler, and spring-loaded scissors at the central point. A lanyard ring is attached on the end, so it'll clip to your key ring or your belt loop.

And it only measures 2.5 inches, so it's about the same length as a standard Swiss Army knife. The entire body is fashioned from 100% stainless steel and comes in a brushed silver steel color as well as four other color options: red, green, blue, and black.

Products like these really make you question whether or not you should switch from your Swiss Army and try a different product. The main reason you'd want to do that is if you're not happy with the tools on a Swiss Army knife, or if you're looking for a much stronger scissors feature, because there's no comparison to the scissors on this Leatherman Micra.

Plus, the Micra has a 25-year limited lifetime warranty, and you can't beat that either.

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