Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver Vampiric Fantasy Replica Sword

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Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver VampiricThis is the only Soul Reaver replica sword currently on the market for the popular video game series Legacy of Kain. It’s a vampiric sword used by Kain both to destroy the Seraphim and ultimately to become the prison for the anti-hero Lieutenant Raziel.

The blade is made from quality 440 stainless steel, and is shaped in the same snake-like design that made the Soul Reaver sword so recognizable in the series.

The guard is shaped in the form of a vampire skull with two beady red eyes set into the center. Additionally, Kain’s Soul Reaver sword features a handle wrapped in genuine leather, as well as an included sheath made out of similar grade leather material.

This replica isn’t small in size, either, measuring an overall length of 46 inches, a blade length of 35 inches, and a handle 11 inches in length. The guard measures 9.5 inches at its widest area across the base of the blade.

Any Legacy of Kain fan would love to have this one-of-a-kind sword in his or her collection. There aren’t many swords replicated from this series at all, and since it’s fairly inexpensive, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck due to its unique significance and quality.

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