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Lord of the Rings Replica Fantasy Celtic Sword

Frodo Sting Dagger

Posted by JT Hats

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Lord of the Rings Replica FantasyFirst, out of respect to the height-challenged Hobbit race, I will have to point out that the Lord of the Rings Sting Dagger is actually a sword. The Sting may be a little short by human standards, but any true Tolkien fan should know that the Sting was the sword presented to Frodo Baggins by Bilbo Baggins, and is not a dagger at all.

This replica of the magical Sting from the Ringbearer saga sports a 420C high carbon stainless steel blade a full 15 inches long. Counting the hardwood hand grip and burnished cast metal pommel, the Sting reaches 22 inches in length -- a full-length sword amongst the Hobbits. The Sting played an important role in the saga of the Ring as the weapon Bilbo Baggins carried when he first acquired the Ring from Gollum.

Details of the sword include a vine motif wrapping the hardwood grip in a spiral pattern and an inscription written in Elven runes from the ancient language of Sindarin. Engraved on the cross-guard and extending onto the leaf-point blade, the inscription reads "Maegnas is my name, I am the spider's bane." This collectible reproduction of the movie version of Tolkien's magical Sting comes with a hardwood wall plaque decorated with silk-screened Elven runes. The Sting from Lord of the Rings also includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

In practical terms, the Sting reproduction isn't quite combat quality, but it is strongly built and has the heft and balance of a real weapon. Frodo would be pleased.

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