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Martial Arts Training Sword Set

Practice Wood Bokken, Sponge Daito

Posted by JT Hats

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Martial Arts Training Sword Set Few people with an interest in swords have no interest in how to use them. Most collectors will not become highly skilled, but those who do want to learn the basics should follow the wise training regimens and start with something that isn't deadly. In the Japanese style, that choice would be the wooden bokken or training sword.

These modern bokken don't exactly match the traditional style, but they come close enough to be practical. The hardwood is of good quality and has the wedge-shaped cross section of the old training tools. Bokken are not harmless, and a little careless practice with one quickly teaches one of the first important lessons -- respect for the weapon. These make dents rather than cuts, but the effect is still memorable.

Each of the three training swords includes a plastic tsuba or blade guard, which will not last long in a sparring match. Traditional bokken often had no tsuba, so if it doesn't last, it's a small loss. Good hardwood bokken should be strong enough for some striking practice as well as kata, or the moving forms. One target which comes highly recommended for the bokken is an old automobile tire. It will leave marks on the equipment, and you could still break the bokken, but it gives the experience of a solid hit. Shadow boxing is useful, but it's very different from actually connecting with something.

The third sponge-covered daito in this training set conforms to modern thought about training -- that no harm should be done. This is the same mindset which considers an aluminum knife safe. Traditional bokken teach painful lessons sometimes, and a sponge covering won't completely eliminate that potential.

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