Masahiro Katana | Hand Forged Samurai Sword | Wheel of Dharma Tsuba

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Masahiro Katana This is a gorgeous sword from Masahiro that has been made from top-notch materials. It was the sword wielded by Morpheus in “The Matrix”, though this particular model is not marketed that way.

The blade has been hand-forged from high-carbon 1065 steel and mirror-polished. It is quite sharp out of the box and hefty as well.

The handle is ray skin with braided leather, while the zinc tsuba is in the form of the Wheel of Dharma — a symbol that represents Law in Hinduism.

The scabbard is glossy black wood layered with a rough leather cord.

The sword weighs in at two pounds, eleven ounces without scabbard. It measures 43 inches in total, 29 inches of which are the blade.

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