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Masahiro Red Date Sword w/ Scabbard

Masamune Functional Katana, Hand Forged & Tempered

Posted by JT Hats

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Masahiro Red Date Sword w/ Scabbard The Masahiro Red Date Masamune Katana represented Masahiro's functional cutter swords and is built for light cutting practice. The company's checkered history makes some buyers think twice, but Masahiro swords could be one of the real bargains on the market now. That probably won't last much longer.

The 42-3/4-inch-long Red Date Masamune Katana shows a nearly full-length hi or blood groove on the 28-inch blade of hand forged and tempered 1045 high carbon steel. Sageo and ito are genuine cotton, not synthetic, and the red lacquered scabbard is hardwood. Construction is solid with a strong tsuba of cast metal decorated with a samurai motif. Sharpened and used properly, the Red Date should be a good, light-duty cutter. There is a catch.

Some years ago, a marketing company created the brand names Masahiro and Ryumon to represent the hand-forged swords of several different forges in mainland China. With new products arriving from a variety of builders, quality control suffered and Masahiro received initially poor reviews. The cold reception of their cold steel hampered improvements, and now there's neither website nor warranty to support these nearly orphaned weapons.

In spite of this, some brave consumers discovered that not all Masahiro blades were disappointing. In fact, most were good swords, and if you want to step up to the more expensive, professional-quality Ryumon swords, some are simply great. Remaining stocks have been in storage for a long time and could have minor blemishes as a result -- these cutters were not made from stainless steel. Prices have dropped drastically, and soon the last original Masahiro may be in some collector's hands.

Check out the Ryumon Katana for a look at a professional-quality product from this same manufacturer.

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