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Master Cutlery Dragon Sword SelfA cast polished metal fighting dragon’s head with ruby red eyes is the hilt of this decorative and lightweight walking cane. Polished metal fittings finish off the black aluminum handle, engineered to reduce the rattle of the 20″ stainless steel blade hidden within.

An interesting weapons collector’s piece, this sword with its raised dragon scales would be a little rough on the hands if you put any weight on it, which makes it better for carrying than for walking. Novelty swords like this one are awkward to hold if you want to test the practicality of the blade. Actual self defense cane swords were designed around strong carbon steel spikes set into simple but functional handles; the polished stainless blade of this model won’t suffer much abuse without damage.

Seldom used since walking sticks went out of fashion, it is still possible to learn the art of sword cane fighting from books and videos that base their training on dual weapon Asian martial arts systems. In the Old West this was an aristocrat’s weapon–to get closer to the methods of the high class and high rolling gamblers who carried such things in the wild days, you’d probably be better off studying fencing.

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