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Miracle Blade III 16 Piece Knife and Block Set

Stainless Steel Cutlery Review

Posted by Ken

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Miracle Blade III 16 Piece Knife andHere's another set of products that are known for their "as-seen-on-TV" claim to fame. Ever since 1989, the Miracle Blade knives have been showcased on shopping channels and demonstration fairs to try and prove just how sharp the blades really are. But as always, the truth is a little more complex than that.

Miracle Blade's secret is actually not that unique. It's simply another one of those serrated-edge sets that seem to impress at first blush. But serrations are not an effective way to make a quality kitchen knife. While an uninformed buyer might be duped into scooping up a set or two, at OnlyKnives we aim to educate. See our reviews of Ginsu knives or Cutco knives for more on the serrated-edge slight-of-hand that manufacturers will try to pull but, in short, the trick is that the serrations tear at your food, like a chainsaw. A higher quality knife will gently slice through it like a scalpel.

This particular Miracle Blade III set is certainly one of the most affordable you'll find. It comes with 15 different cutlery tools, including four extra steak knives that are the highlight of the set.

Along with eight steak knives, the set features a filet knife, Perfection paring knife, Perfection kitchen shears, Chop 'n Scoop cleaver, Rock 'n Chop cleaver, and 2 Miracle Blade slicers.

All knives are made from stainless steel and, the manufacturer claims, they never need to be sharpened. That's more of that "serrated edges passing for quality edges" baloney. Serrated edges don't need to be sharpened because, as they wear, the serrations remain mostly intact. When they eventually do wear down, you might as well throw them away since it's not worth the time and effort to resharpen these serrated edges.

The Miracles are dishwasher safe -- another bad sign. High-end knives have carbon in them, which can rust. Any decent knife manufacturer will tell you to hand wash knives.

All in all, don't be fooled. You'll be better off getting a smaller set of inexpensive blades from Forschner or KAI than buying these Miracles.

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