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Stockman Pocket Knife by Camillus | Texas Cutlery | Mooremaker

Posted by Ken

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Moore Maker Stockman Pocket Knife byMoore Maker has been making knives for over twenty years in Matador, Texas. Started by Wayland and Glynard Moore, they've prided themselves on their strong reputation for making high-quality knives and for having a strong local presence in the community.

Moore Maker knives are manufactured by third-parties. The most notable of these was Camillus knives, but they went out of business in 2007. Because of this, the Camillus knives are now unavailable from Moore Maker. They are, however, still available on eBay in both new and used condition.

Other Moore Maker knives, not manufactured by Camillus, are available on Moore Maker's website.

The knife featured at right is one of the knives that is now out of production. It is a four-inch Stockman pocket knife, featuring three blades, including a leather punch, as well as polished blades and a Delrin handle.

Find the Moore Maker Stockman Knife on eBay:

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