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Musashi Koga Ninja Katana

Full Tang Black Carbon Steel Tanto Sword w/ Stand & Box

Posted by JT Hats

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Musashi Koga Ninja Katana The Musashi Koga Ninja Katana Sword comes with plenty of interesting extra features. Some lend the weapon a little of the technical mystique that gave the ninjas their unusual reputation. The full tang sword is strongly built but lacks some of the refinements of combat quality weapons.

The simpler blade construction holds back the potential of the 40-3/4-inch Musashi Ninja Katana. The 27-inch straight katana blade with tanto point is good carbon steel, not stainless, and hand tempered. With no hi or blood groove, the movement of the sword is quiet. The katana's non-reflective black coating adds to its stealthy quality. Double pegs in the hardwood handle could be removed if repairs were needed. The ito is functional but not authentic, using black nylon as the woven grip.

Other fittings like the square tsuba of heavy copper come closer to traditional construction. The overall effect is good and maybe just a little too polished -- reflection from the lacquered black wooden scabbard might be a telltale clue from the shadows. Just how functional the snorkel tube in the scabbard may be is something to be tested carefully. Underwater sabotage efforts might ruin some parts of this interesting sword set. As a display sword, the weapon's fate is secure since it comes with a simple black wooden display stand and a lacquered storage box. Using it for cutting practice could get mixed results, but the Musashi Koga Ninja Katana is certainly not a cheap toy. This katana should be sharp right out of the box, and with some careful touch-up will only get better.

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