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Musashi Miyamoto Shirakawa Katana, Forged Spring Steel

Martial Arts Battle Ready Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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Musashi Miyamoto Shirakawa Katana,This Musashi 1060 Shirakawa Katana combines hand forging and efficient machine processes to bring sword enthusiasts a functional cutter with classic features. At this level you'd expect an etched hamon -- this one is real, the mark of traditional clay edge tempering.

To many of us, a major factor in whether a display sword looks good is whether it's real or just pretend. Replica swords that are just pretty are always a little disappointing, and it's much easier to forgive a simplified design that works than to accept a realistic reproduction that just sits on the rack. In the 1060 Shirakawa Katana from Musashi Swords, you won't find any dysfunctional cost cutting. The tsuba is the result of machining instead of an ornamental casting. The forged blade of 1060 high carbon spring steel won't match the strength and sharpness of more advanced laminated steel blades, but is thick enough to survive a missed strike. The spine -- with a full-length blood groove -- has been tempered properly to absorb impacts. Expect the blade to flex 45 degrees without damage. Edge tempering adds cutting edge hardness of Rockwell 55 to the katana's list of good features.

Classic construction features in the handle include a solid hardwood grip covered with genuine rayskin and wrapped cord. The black lacquer used on the wood scabbard is the same type used on expensive pianos -- to protect the finish, carry the sword in the cloth case which accompanies this practical sword.

Cost cutting measures didn't prevent this sword from being constructed with care. The Musashi Miyamoto is a functional blade with good balance and appearance. For light cutting practice, this sword works well. Pay attention to blade maintenance, always cleaning and oiling the sword after use, since 1060 isn't stainless.

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