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Ninja Throwing Knives Set w/ Nylon Case

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Posted by JT Hats

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Ninja Throwing Knives Set w/ Nylon Case These modern ninja throwing knives are much more complicated than real shuriken but do actually work. Made by Ninja Generation, these inexpensive throwing knives stick best in styrofoam. If sharpened, they'll also penetrate harder targets.

One-piece construction from blackened high carbon stainless steel includes shaping of the edges of the main blades, but the side wings are more decorative. These light six-inch-long knives should hold up to practice well enough, but be careful. Tempered to withstand impacts, the steel blades could bend if thrown with too much force and will ricochet if they don't penetrate. Softening the steel for throwing means that the knife edges nick easily and won't hold a cutting edge for long. Many inexpensive throwing knives take this approach, allowing owners to learn to throw without ruining a highly tempered knife.

The wicked look of the Ninja Throwing Knives makes them appropriate for display, and their fanciful design looks like something right out of a loot drop. Even though the three knives fit in a handy ballistic nylon belt case with a snap closure and are completely functional, the only place you're likely to see anything like this being used by ninjas is in Japanese anime. Historically accurate shuriken aren't this fancy, although thrown weapons did evolve into multi-bladed stars with more chances of landing point-first than straight spikes or throwing knives. This type requires excellent skills to reliably stick a target.

For another anime collector's piece, see the Bloodbath Glaive, Blade's favorite throwing weapon.

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