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Oriental Master Katana Jin Tachi by General Edge

Japanese Military Longsword Curved Replica w/ Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Oriental Master Katana Jin Tachi byThe Jin Tachi Oriental Master Sword from General Edge matches some aspects of the traditional Japanese cavalry sword but adds an unusual curved grip. While it's not historically accurate, this unusual sword would look great in any fantasy weapon collection.

Tachi were the longswords of the Japanese military -- some literally too long to actually use. The longest known was a ceremonial odachi 3.7 meters in overall length. Combat tachi averaged several inches longer than the katana, but the 43-1/2-inch overall length of this imaginative weapon exceeds most real tachi by about a foot. Most of the extra length comes from the decorative curved grip of hardwood wrapped with brown cord. The 27-1/2-inch-long blade of high carbon steel is straighter than most tachi blades. Curved swords were more efficient at slashing and made better sense in the hands of cavalry. Straighter piercing blades like this one were the weapons of foot soldiers.

The fittings of antique bronze and leather do a better job of matching the old patterns, and the natural finish of the hardwood saya or scabbard adds to this sword's fine appearance. Tachi like the Oriental Master sword were worn suspended from an obi or sash, hanging with the cutting edge down. Katana, the swords of the ground fighters, were worn edge up.

Tachi Gunto swords became the dress swords of the Japanese military in WWII and used a similar but more functional pattern. For a modern replica of the finest Tachi Gunto, see the Tachi Gunto #505 from Handmade Swords.

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