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Paul Chen Hanwei Practical Plus Elite Katana Sword

Posted by Ken

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Paul Chen Hanwei Practical Plus EliteLet's call this one a mid-range sword... a nice piece of equipment that's not too expensive, but is pricey enough that you've got to be serious to consider it. Let's get into the pros and cons of the Practical Plus Elite...

There's no doubt it's a strong, durable sword. The blade has been heat-treated, forged and differentially hardened up to HRC60. It's been sharpened for battle-ready use, and with its rock-hardness, it shouldn't have any trouble slicing away at anything you need it to.

Plus the traditional focus is a nice touch. You'll notice the two-handed blade is wrapped with genuine rayskin on the tsuka, as well as Japanese dogwood fittings and carved dragon menuki for decorative flair.

The downside of this sword is that it's not overly ornate. The attention to traditional detail is somewhat lacking. It's an attractive sword, don't get me wrong, but it's not as fancy as some other swords we've reviewed.

Paul Chen has been making serious swords for a very long time -- they're considered one of the mainstays in this category. So, while it's nothing fancy, it's definitely the real deal.

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