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Paul Chen Hanwei Sword

Miyamoto Musashi Daito Katana | Japanese Military Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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Paul Chen Hanwei Sword Inspired by the personal weapon of Miyamoto Musashi -- one of feudal Japan's greatest swordsmen and author of the famous book of strategy The Book of Five Rings -- this daito or long sword would have been used in conjunction with a shorter wakizashi. Musashi's dual weapon style saw him through more than sixty successful duels and countless military battles. CAS Hanwei built this completely functional katana to match the size and detail of the master's favorite daito. At 45.5 inches in overall length and a weight of two pounds nine ounces, this is no practice weapon.

High-quality materials are used throughout, with a double-pinned full tang blade hand forged from high carbon steel and differentially tempered. The lower hardness (40HRC) of the blade back gives the fullered sword unusual flexibility and toughness. A hardness of 60HRC at the cutting edge gives the sword the ability to stay sharp while slicing through tough targets. Clay tempering creates the difference in the steel's abilities and leaves the distinctive hamon that marks a sword built in the traditional style.

Details are also accurate, with handle wrapping of ray-skin and bindings of black leather. Like the original, the two-ring iron tsuba, or hand guard, is simple and without decoration. The matching black scabbard is equally plain. The sword impresses even without inlay and sculptured fittings, matching an old style and a way of thinking that many modern people still admire. The Miyamoto Musashi Daito was not made simply to hang on the wall -- this CAS Hanwei creation by Paul Chen actually cuts. Use the traditional training targets for best results.

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