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Plum Blossom Katana, Battle Ready Functional 126L

Handmade Japanese Sword Full Tang Forged

Posted by JT Hats

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Plum Blossom Katana, Battle ReadySold brass fittings accent this fine high carbon steel katana from Handmade Swords. No corners were cut on looks, but the blade is only rated a practical entry-level cutter. Considering the sword's excellent appearance that's hard to believe.

Plum blossom designs dot the lacquered hardwood scabbard of the sword, adding just one more touch to the fine craftsmanship you'll find in it. Obviously it was made with pride, and the blade is even signed by the smith who made it. That's a rare feature today when swords are usually made with as much consistency as automobiles, built by one anonymous team on Monday and yet another on Friday. Design of this sword is consistent throughout -- materials match and are not obvious substitutions intended to cut costs. The brass pommel and blade guard add to the look of the sword instead of clashing, blending in well with the brown and gold tones of handle and scabbard.

Real rayskin covers the hardwood handle of the 41-inch-long katana, overlaid with an expertly wrapped ito of brown Japanese cotton. Equal attention was paid to the woven sageo of the scabbard.

The full tang sword's 27-1/2-inch blade of high carbon 1045 steel is actually evenly tempered and heat treated, not differentially tempered as are more expensive blades. The hamon or temper mark has been hand polished on for appearances only. Lack of a hi or blood groove makes the blade a little heavier but also a little less expensive. Overall, it's a good practical sword for kata or for light cutting practice.

See the Empire Wheel Katana for another example of a fine Fully Handmade sword.

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