Pompeii Pattern Roman Gladius Stainless Steel Maple Medieval Replica Sword

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Pompeii Pattern Roman Gladius StainlessYou may or may not be surprised to find out that there are quite a few different kinds of Roman gladius swords. Between 200 B.C. and 100 A.D. four types were discovered: the Gladius Hispaniensis, Mainz, Fulham, and Pompeii. Throughout the years, the gladius sword became straighter, shorter, and more geometric in design. While earlier versions of the gladius may have been sharper and heavier, the Pompeii became the most widely used due to the fact that it was easier to both manufacture and carry.

This particular Pompeii is as true to the historical styling as any other we’ve seen. The lines are straight, the blade features parallel edges, and the tip is fashioned into a blunted triangular tip. However, one feature to take note of is that the sword’s triangulated ricasso (or unsharpened portion of the blade) is triangulated as well. History has yet to prove that any Pompeii swords actually featured this design. But it’s branded in our minds as what we think of when we picture a late-period gladius.

Windlass Steelcrafts manufactured this Pompeii replica sword. The blade measures 19 inches, perfect for a close-combat soldier. It’s made from genuine high carbon stainless steel. The double-edged blade comes to a sharp spear-tip point, which is shorter than other gladius swords before its time.

The handle and hilt are made from hardened wood, specifically turned ash and maple. On the handle you’ll see a formed grip pattern to make it easier to hold. Below the guard is a steel spacer for added durability.

This Pompeii sword also comes with a scabbard. However, it’s not intended to be wasp-waisted and belted, but to hold the gladius as a sidearm weapon. Anyone looking to display some centurion pride from eras past will be able to wear it proudly as such.

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