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Randall Buxton Custom Fighter Knife

Collectible Bowie

Posted by JT Hats

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Randall Buxton Custom Fighter Knife Bo Randall's knives have such a great reputation that a buyer usually feels like he got a custom knife even if it was built to a production pattern. The elite group of businessmen who managed to coax a dealership out of Mr. Randall were sometimes given a unique opportunity to design their own exclusive version produced by Randall Knives. One of the results, the Randall Buxton Fighter, brings to life dealer Wayne Buxton's concept of the perfect fighting knife.

The Randall Buxton Custom Fighter is an exceptionally solid build, with a high carbon stainless steel 6 1/2" clip point blade. The forward half of the bowie is double edged in the dagger style of most true fighting knives. The back of the blade does offer several inches of flat style for hammering and guiding with the thumb, making this knife useful in many ways a pure dagger would not be. The heavy nickel silver guard curves slightly forward, providing some blade catching and parrying potential as well as keeping the fingers where they should be. Micarta in various custom selected colors formed the handle slabs of this full width full tang fighter.

In the style of Vietnam era military bowies, part of the thick steel tang extends a half inch beyond the handle. Use the exposed lanyard hole to string a wrist strap for security, and remember that this solid projection of steel makes an excellent window breaker in emergencies. The original stitched leather belt sheath includes a pocket for a small honing stone and a strap so the knife won't bounce on your hip.

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  1. The Shadow Says:

    Pretty nice there, Steve. Funny, though – if I want a BF I’ll pick up the phone and call Wayne. He’s still selling ‘em for under $500.