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Ryumon Katana

Hand Forged Full Tang Blade | Battle Ready Samurai Sword

Posted by Ken

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Ryumon Katana Grab a napkin. Seriously. You'll need it to wipe the drool off your chin after taking in all that this Ryumon katana has to offer. It's a professional-grade sword with an elite decorative touch... much too handsome to use in battle.

We honestly can't find anything wrong with the way this sword was made. It's as authentic as it gets. The 29-inch blade is forged from high carbon steel, handmade and folded in the honored traditional Japanese clay technique. The saya, or scabbard, is made from hardwood, glossed, and coated with lacquer for an elegant finish.

Where this katana really shines, though, is in its ornamentation. The saya is made from genuine sharkskin of the best quality, wrapped securely with a vivid brown cord. The tsuba is molded from pure copper, and features detailed carvings of Japanese fantasy characters. The carvings make their way onto the genuine buffalo koiguchi as well.

Included in this set are a sword reference guide, cleaning kit, wall scroll, and satin bag, all in a decorated wooden display box.

Unfortunately, this katana runs just short of a thousand dollars at retail value. Quite a sword, but also quite a splurge. Those of us not willing to spring for it will just have to sit and drool for a little while longer. Got another napkin?

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