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Scottish Regimental Dirk Sword Replica

Fork & Knife Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Scottish Regimental Dirk Sword Replica Thanks to a reader here I now know the history behind this combination Scottish Regimental Dirk and mess kit. This replica dirk isn't of the best quality, with fittings of cheap pressed metal and faux cairngorn of real colored glass. The matching knife and fork tuck into small pockets on the ornate sheath.

Many sizes and styles of dirks did find use in Scottish culture, both in military applications and ceremonial situations. This dirk resembles them in general terms and does match the details of a particular regiment's parade knife. Someone with knowledge of clan colors and patterns might be able to identify the inspiration. Most dirks were smaller, in the sjian dhub style of boot knife. Military versions of sword length were common naval sidearms with a plainer and more functional build. The mess kit style, with pockets in the sheath for a matching knife and fork, originated in the 1600's. Semi-precious jewels called cairngorn decorated the ceremonial versions, and the slight cant of the dirk's handle was intentional, put there to make the cairngorn pommel more visible.

In Scottish society, the dirk is a serious thing, something men swear oaths by. Even though the ceremonial versions worn as regimental dress today may not all be combat quality, people obviously still do take them very seriously. This particular knife is an economical and fairly accurate reproduction.

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