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Scottish Replica Royal Broad Sword

Cold Steel Broadsword, Forged & Battle Ready

Posted by JT Hats

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Scottish Replica Royal Broad Sword Inspired by authentic museum pieces and by dress swords still carried by the British Army's Royal Regiment of Scotland, Cold Steel's Scottish Broad Sword demonstrates there's more to this company's self defense swords than good looks.

Some details of the 37-3/4-inch broadsword vary from the classic pattern. The redesigned sword makes good use of modern materials without losing the look of the traditional highlander one-handed battle sword. Scabbard fittings and basket hilt are forged from gunmetal blue high carbon steel. The strong materials give the sword the look of a new weapon instead of an antique reproduction. The hand-forged 1055 spring steel sword shows three parallel fullers which lighten the 31-1/2-inch, double-edged blade without reducing strength. Handle design also closely matches the genuine Scottish broad sword, but the Cold Steel version uses materials more common in samurai katana -- genuine rayskin over a hardwood grip, wrapped securely with a spiral of wire in the European style.

Each Cold Steel Scottish Broadsword meets the standards of the British Proof Test and is battle ready. The action and weight is similar to the weapons carried by Highland clansmen as recently as World War II. This lighter sword weighed between two and three pounds when built in the old pattern and was meant for use with a targe or shield. Cold Steel's sword is on the heavier side of the scale at just under three pounds, not counting the matching wood and leather scabbard.

For another high quality Scottish broadsword with an antiqued appearance, see the Scottish Basket Hilt Broadsword by Paul Chen of Hanwei Forge.

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