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Sega Guts Rage Sword of Berserk Replica

Fantasy Anime Display Costume Blade

Posted by Ken

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Sega Guts Rage Sword of Berserk ReplicaThis impressive fantasy sword strives to recreate the massive two handed blade of Guts Rage, the hero of the hit Sega videogame Sword of the Berserk. In practical terms you can only approximate a weapon that appears to be bigger than the man who wields it, but a good faith attempt has been made with this display sword.

There are some marks of quality here as well. The handle is leather wrapped and simply adorned with cast metal fittings that are a good match for the look of the sword in the game. A 40" heavy stainless steel blade is about as close to the "real" length as it's possible to get without exceeding shipping limitations (overall length of this sword is 52"). Using the shipping weight as a clue, I estimate you get more than fifteen pounds of steel in this weapon. If you plan to carry it even as a costume weapon, you'll definitely need the backstrap leather sheath that accompanies the sword. The strap looks a little light for all that weight.

The manufacturer warns that this is not a combat weapon and is intended for display purposes only. Still, in looks alone this blade is well done, looking more like a weapon than most fantasy replicas, and possibly more accurate in terms of length than it seems. Everybody looks taller on camera--even Guts Rage.

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