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Self Defense Sword Cane, High Carbon Stainless Steel

Fantasy Gothic Skull Screaming Demon

Posted by JT Hats

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Self Defense Sword Cane, High CarbonThis strong metal 36.5-inch walking cane features a cast metal grip in the shape of small sketetal arms with a decorative screaming skull in poly-cast resin at the forefront of the handle. Unscrew the handle from the cane sheath and reveal a wicked 15.5-inch high carbon stainless steel sword blade.

The Screaming Demon uses some interesting construction tricks that should increase the strength of this ornate cane without detracting from the gothic look. Wire wrapping on the base of the handle reinforces the junction with the sword blade and gives that part of the cane an appropriate ribcage look. The cast resin sculpture adds bone color to the cane and emphasizes the screaming skull face, but be aware that the resin isn't unbreakable.

Having to unthread the hilt from the scabbard reduces the practicality of this cane as a self defense weapon, but that aspect of the Screaming Skull will be the least useful. Friction fits -- the options some other manufacturers choose -- offer fast deployment but in other ways may be less reliable. Like most cane-swords, the Screaming Skull is a far better cane than sword. Most owners will consider the sword blade as decorative as the skull, but there's no question that even this simple blade could be deadly. Expect some vibration from the sword blade when the cane is in use, since the fit of sword to sheath isn't absolutely perfect.

Many cane swords present awkward problems as swords, but owners are not necessarily deterred by that. There's a mystique involved that helps us pass over minor problems in favor of the secret steel within.

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