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Set of Wood Carving Tools

Kit of Supplies with Chisels, Knives and Book

Posted by Ken

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Wood Carving Tool SetThis set of tools will work well for someone looking to start a serious wood carving hobby. The tools are professional-quality and, while the set is not comprehensive, the tools provide a good range of the various tools of the trade needed to produce serious carvings.

The kit is intended for creating medium-size carvings, such as birds or small animals. This set includes all tools needed to get started as a serious hobbyist. A professional wood carver would want more of these types of tools -- many of the included tools are available in various shapes and sizes.

Included in this Wood Carving Tool Set:

  • Whittling knife
  • A finishing rasp for smoothing hard-to-reach areas
  • A knife-sharpening stone
  • A book covering wood carving
  • Storage pouch
  • Five-eighths inch chisel, used to make straight lines and to smooth out flat areas
  • Shallow half-inch gouge for carving curves and hollows
  • Three-quarter inch medium gouge
  • Half inch short bent
  • Quarter-inch parting tool
  • Carving knife for cutting smooth wood
  • Mallet

Update - this particular set is no longer available. But you can click here to find all wood carving sets for sale on

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