Shinwa Royal Warrior Katana Sword | Cheap High Carbon Samurai Sword

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Shinwa Royal Warrior Katana Sword This Royal Warrior katana from Shinwa is a great entry-level sword since it’s single-edged, easy to wield, and relatively inexpensive.

The blade is hand-forged and heat-treated, crafted from solid high carbon steel. It measures 27.375 inches in length, complementing an overall length of 41.5 inches.

The Royal Warrior’s handle is nicely crafted as well, made from durable hardwood and wrapped with nylon cording. However, beware of extensive wear and tear, because the nylon may start to fray over time.

The sword’s tsuba, or guard, is made from solid zinc and displays a powerful variation of the Shinwa dragon logo. It also comes with a black lacquered hardwood scabbard, a custom velvet bag, and an instruction kit for proper sword care and storage.

So if you’re a novice sword enthusiast who’s got an eye for well-balanced tradition and quality, this just might be the sword to get you started.

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