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SOG Specialty Knives KU-01 Kiku

Kikuo Matsuda

Posted by Ken

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SOG Specialty Knives KU-01 Kiku The futuristic masterminds behind SOG Specialty Knives met up with the exceptional craftsmen at Kiku Knives and created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, seen here as the SOG Kiku Limited Edition Knife.

And yes, this blade is absolutely incredible. It's inspired by the iconic SOG design, but created as a "reverse collaboration" by Kiku's Kikuo Matsuda, the renowned Japanese custom designer.

Its OU-31 steel blade is mirror-polished with double bevel lines and grinds, and measures a high hardness of HRc 64 on the Rockwell scale. Impressive!

As far as collector's items go, this one's as rare as they come, releasing only 3 times a month for a total of 100 pieces. This explains the steep price. But for avid knife collectors, especially SOG or Kiku fans, this is an ultimate piece to add to your collection.

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