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Solingen Puma Hunter’s Pal Hunting Knife

Full Tang Skinning Blade

Posted by Ken

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Solingen Puma Hunter's Pal HuntingA hand crafted design from Solingen of Germany, this small but efficient leaf point skinner is well suited to the old task of skinning and butchering game. Not quite heavy enough to be a good cleaver, it's still more knife than most of us need.

Stag handles used to be common. Now they've been mostly replaced by modern materials which claim to be more durable, but along with that change, many modern knives have lost the individuality we once prized. Every stag handle is unique as a fingerprint, yet totally functional and durable. You can't throw this knife in a pile and not be able to pick it out. Some people don't care about individuality, but I do. When I was twelve I argued with a sales clerk for an hour about a pocket knife that wasn't quite as good, in subtle points of style, as the same model of knife on display in the sales case. Little differences mean a lot.

I like that this knife is obviously manufactured from a slab of steel. Part of that slab juts out the back corner of the handle, with a hole drilled in it for a lanyard. Nobody is making any sly effort to hide construction details, here. Blade, finger guard and handle are the same piece of steel. It isn't the highly technical blade you might pick out immediately as German, but it's more refined than the usual American pry bar counterpart.

8 7/8" overall, high carbon stainless steel, traditional leather belt sheath, stag handle, and nothing that will go wrong. Leave the city behind.

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