Spyderco Byrd Wings G-10 Double Blade Folding Lockblade Knife

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Spyderco Byrd Wings G-10 Double BladeThe Spyderco Byrd Wings G-10 tackles one of the most common modern knife problems and finds a good answer. The 4 3/4″ handle enclosed two blades, not one, returning to the style of a traditional gentleman’s pocketknife but with modern blade choices and perks.

Both blades are knife quality high carbon stainless steel and have the “avian” look unique to Spyderco folders, the eye of the bird being the large thumb hole used for one handed opening. One blade is a sheepsfoot pattern, with a rounded tip and a shape designed for cutting rather than piercing – -and with full edge serration. The second blade, pivoting from the opposite handle end in a nicely balanced system, is a clip point pattern, designed for piercing. The clip point blade is ground with a plain edge. Both edges are appropriate to the tasks intended.

This is a huge improvement over the usual combo edge, which prevents full function in either style.

The G-10 laminate handle has warmth, a high friction feel that aids gripping under poor conditions, and good chemical resistance, unlike some cheap knives that soften under a layer of mosquito repellent. Both blades securely lock in full open position. The clip, which makes pocket carry simple and convenient, adjusts to four positions for right or left hand carry and emphasis of either blade.

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