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Spyderco Ceramic Sharpening Stone

Whetstone 302F Fine

Posted by JT Hats

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Spyderco Ceramic Sharpening Stone This full-sized 2" x 8" ceramic sharpening stone from Spyderco is a fine grit finishing whetstone designed to use without lubricants. The tough plastic storage case has rubberized feet and doubles as a non-slip base for use on tables and countertops.

Capable of putting the final razor polish on any fine steel, whether western or Japanese, this stone was not designed for reworking blades. For reshaping bevels or taking the nicks out of edges, you'll need coarse and medium stones -- the fine grit is for putting a razor-cutting edge on blades that are already in good condition. Used in place of a honing steel, this stone will create a better-formed and sharper edge, with very little extra effort.

At a half inch thick, even bumped up somewhat by the plastic case, this stone is pretty close to the counter top when you're working a blade over it. That could be a little awkward on some Japanese knives with a very acute bevel , but for most western styles it will still give plenty of working room.

To clear the stone's surface of steel particles and loose grit that can clog cutting pores and reduce its efficiency, run the stone under an open faucet to flush away debris. For better results, use a plastic scouring pad and powdered cleanser.

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