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Spyderco Endura II Folding Knife

High Carbon Stainless Steel Lockback Blade

Posted by Ken

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Spyderco Endura II Folding Knife Knives have been around so long we have racial memories of how to use them. If you are skeptical that something so ancient can be improved, take a look at Spyderco, creators of knives for the modern urban jungle.

At 8 1/2" overall with a 3 3/4" blade, the Endura all stainless knife (even the handle) is stout enough to make practical sense. This knife folds, so it can be carried safely without a sheath; it opens with one hand, with the patented thumb hole design; the blade locks into position when fully opened; and the stout, triple bolted spring clip solves one of the fundamental gripes about pocket knives that I've cherished as a grumbling point for years--they tend to get lost in the bottom of your pocket, wear holes in it, and fall out.

With the Endura you even get a choice of blade edges: plain, serrated, or combo. Many would choose the serrated edge because it does tend to grab and slash whatever you cut with it; many would choose the plain edge because you can sharpen it with a plain whet stone. The combo is there if you can't decide.

The major drawback of the serrated edge, no matter who makes it, is that you will have to send it back to the factory when it gets dull. Spyderco says they'll tone it up for you for the cost of shipping, but that's still a major inconvenience. The only other criticism I have is that if you need something for extended use in the cold, a steel handle does nothing better than to suck the strength from your fingers on a winter's day.

The Endura is an urban solution--cold, sleek, and efficient.

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