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St. Michael’s Blessed Replica Sword

Full Tang Fantasy Blade & Leather Sheath

Posted by Ken

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St. Michael's Blessed Replica Sword A 24" double edged polished stainless steel blade graces the spiral turned cherry wooden handle of this imaginative reproduction of the sword that St. Michael, patron saint of policemen, wields in the battle between good and evil. A custom leather sheath is included.

Hard to say whether this reproduction is accurate, really. Swords have been around for so long that they've become symbolic to many systems of belief, but factual knowledge about such legendary blades is rather rare. Philosophy aside, I can say that the blade is well shaped and the handle, although larger and heavier than some, is enough to provide balance. This would still be an unusual choice for a practice blade, if you chose it to learn kata. You might find it difficult to find a kata that matches the blade.

This level of quality is good enough for theatrics, for display, or for movement drills. You shouldn't expect to be able to strike targets without doing damage to this sword, sometimes immediately and sometimes slowly. I own a wakazishi of similar quality that once belonged to a sword fancier and martial artist who dodged his rent and left his weapons behind as compensation. The several dents in the blade attest to its suitability for use in more imaginary realms than this one.

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