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Sword of Fury and Might w/ Collectors Display

Medieval Wizard Fantasy Longsword

Posted by JT Hats

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Sword of Fury and Might w/ CollectorsIf you're a wizard looking for a good sword that's bargain priced, or even if you're a sword collector with a penchant for interesting weapons of good quality, check out the Wizard's Medieval Sword of Fury and Might. While its origins are speculative (I've not been able to match the pattern to video game weapons or movie swords of note), the sword itself is well made.

Materials are what you'd expect from a fantasy sword. The 46-inch longsword is high carbon stainless steel and not tempered for combat or target hitting. While the build of the sword is solid, the bladeguard of cast metal and the rubberized grip might not withstand much abuse. What makes the weapon interesting is the professional way these common materials were shaped and put together.

The sword uses a sturdy rat-tail tang handle design, which ends in a decorative pommel of solid metal. The spiral pattern on the black grip offers firm control as well as an unusual and appropriate look. Designs cast into the bladeguard include a "Green Man" portrait with jade-like eyes (undoubtedly of glass but still nicely done). The wizard sword's 34-inch blade is very nicely shaped and polished with a slender symmetrical leaf point form and a central, fullered blood groove. Edges are accurately tapered but not sharpened. Although there's no sheath, the sword does come with a simple wooden wall plaque for easy and secure display.

Many movie replica swords have not been manufactured this well. With its subdued ornamentation and streamlined design, this collector's blade could be of interest to more than the wizards among us.

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