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Tiger Claw Twin Sword

Chrome Steel 30 Inch | Wushu Tai Chi Practice | Martial Arts Dual Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Tiger Claw Twin Sword These Twin Tai Chi Swords from Tiger Claw feature hardwood handles with a matching wooden scabbard. Blades are chrome plated steel, with identical materials forming hilt, pommel, and scabbard fittings. Built light for less strain on wrist and arm in practice, the blades were not intended for combat or striking. These Wushu quality blades work well as training swords in either the slow movements of the Tai Chi system or the fast acrobatics of Wushu.

One of the criteria for a good Wushu blade is the ability to bend without damage. Combat swords in the Chinese style use a much stiffer temper and heavier blades. Wushu quality blades should bend from 90 degrees to 180 degrees and still spring back to the original line. Though these spring steel blades are rated to bend as far as 180 degrees, it's probably not wise to test them to that extreme. Even a ninety-degree bend puts a lot of stress on chrome plate, which could separate from the underlying steel.

Plated steel shouldn't be sharpened. These swords should keep their high polish in normal use, but if a touch-up is required, a rubdown with polishing compound ought to be the most extreme reworking owners do.

Total weight of the two 40-inch swords with 30 inch blades and double scabbard is only about 3 lbs. A simple nylon carrying case gives the scabbard some damage protection while traveling. The pattern of the Wushu Twin Tai Chi set matches one of the traditional Lung Chuan designs still used for combat quality swords. Though training level quality, the character of the weapon still shows.

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