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Twin Broadsword Display Sword Set

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Lung Chuan

Posted by JT Hats

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Twin Broadsword Display Sword Set Although these 40-inch Twin Broadswords forged from combat-quality high carbon steel come from the Lung Chuan district of China, tracing them to a specific local foundry could be difficult. Many family foundries in Lung Chuan village still produce high quality weaponry, and one of them put the family mark on these blades -- but unless you read Chinese, it's a mystery. The most famous local weapon smiths -- the Shen family -- gained a reputation for making exceptionally good swords when one of their 1911 blades pierced three brass target blanks and split another sword in half.

These modern examples of the Lung Chuan art do show some of that rugged quality, but if you expect the high polish of collector-edition swords, you may be disappointed. Set different standards for these. This pair of traditionally shaped broadswords, forged with wide forward sections, use heavy brass hand guards and pommels to balance the combat steel blades. Weight of the set is a hefty five pounds, and this isn't wushu steel -- the blades are meant to pierce and chop, not bend.

You'll find traditional hand craftsmanship in these two 30-inch single cutting edged blades, but decoration is kept to a minimum. Fittings on the double scabbard are a bit plain, fashioned from brass plate and not meant to take much of a beating. But if you like a good functional sword for training and aren't so interested in polish, these Lung Chuan blades would be a good choice. The high carbon steel will take some ordinary care and doesn't have the shine of modern stainless steel. In time, these blades will darken and take on the gunmetal patina that some of us still prefer.

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