Ultraviolet Movie Replica Fantasy Display Sword

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Ultraviolet Movie Replica FantasyThe powerhouse blade of Violet Song Jat Shariff–killer of hemoglophlagic vampires in the post-apocalyptic thriller Ultraviolet–comes to life in this full-sized replica sword. Forty four inches in length, Violet’s blade is laser cut from a single slab of high carbon stainless steel and etched with dozens of symbols in a magical forgotten language (possibly Sanskrit).

Beveled on both edges and the squared blade tip, this sword is unsharpened but simplicity of construction and sheer heft make it actually formidable. The handle of most replicas is the weak point–this handle is leather wrapped and a seamless extension of the blade. Even as a blunt weapon it’s dangerous.

With some, the sheath that ships may not fit, and the display stand may be built for a replica katana rather than Violet’s personal weapon, but the sword itself is satisfactory. If you must argue about the sheath, please remember that in Violet’s day flat space technology is in vogue, and a sheath for a 44″ battle sword occupies only an inch of physical space on the warrior’s wrist.

The producers of the Ultraviolet are still working on the issue. Dimensional compression technology simply has to be invented first.

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