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United Cutlery Bushmaster Survival Knife

Flashlight and Kit

Posted by Ken

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United Cutlery Bushmaster Surival KnifeThis is a very large and heavy knife. If you're thinking it might be too burdensome to wield, or be too much extra weight on your hip, just get a smaller utility knife and keep the survival basics in your pack.

But it's definitely a better quality knife than the Black Ultimate Survival Knife we reviewed recently. It's not that much more expensive, either. You get way more bang for your buck, especially with all the included survival extras.

A sealed container is hidden inside the handle. Open it and you'll find fish hooks, weights, a line, matches, and a spare scalpel blade encased in antiseptic packaging. A Morse code alphabet is even printed on the outside of the tube. And the pommel twists open to reveal a compass.

There's even more fun stuff in the sheath: a P38 can opener, snakebite kit, stainless steel animal snare, sharpening whetstone, and a flashlight that requires 1 AA battery (not included).

Even the knife itself is pretty darn good! The blade is made of 420 J2 stainless steel, measuring an impressive 15.25 inches with a 10-inch saw on top. The handle is made of metal as well, which doesn't sound comfortable by any means, but at least it's durable. And that's what you need from a survival knife.

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