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US Air Force Sword Cane

Gentleman’s Veteran Walking Stick KM3001

Posted by JT Hats

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US Air Force Sword Cane Sword canes come with all sorts of brands, and now there's one with a commemorative U.S. Air Force insignia embedded in the stainless steel handle. The Air Force sword cane would make a nice gift for a veteran or collector with interest in knives and fighting blades. Sword canes aren't too heavy to be good walking sticks, but since walking sticks have not been in fashion for some time, these modern versions seldom experience much real use. That's too bad, because a cane like this makes a lot of sense if you occasionally need an extra point of balance. A cane with a 20-inch stainless steel sword concealed inside it can be even more practical.

Considering all the backpackers' hiking poles I've seen that were less useful and less durable than this cane and sword combination, I'm willing to forgive that the blade rattles a little in the sheath, or that the grip of the sword is a bit sparse. The build is a little light, but many back country travelers use less. Sword canes were never meant for heavy work -- gentlemen carried them and occasionally used them, in the days when gambling and fencing skills went together. Today a well-made cane sword would be an excellent substitute for a fiberglass hiking pole that's worthless when you need something sharp.

Most who buy this sword will be collectors, with less interest in functionality than in the mark of individuality -- the Air Force medallion -- that sets this sword apart from many others. I do respect that, since my grandfather owned a wall filled with such things, but since I first handled one of these gambler's sword canes I've always thought of ways to use them. It's a fine old idea.

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