U.S. Civil War Historical Replica Sword | Army Foot Officer | Stainless Steel

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U.S. Civil War Historical Replica SwordDuring the U.S. Civil War, swords and sabers were the standard issue weapons of choice for both the Union and the Confederate armies. If you’re a history buff or a Civil War re-enactment specialist, then this sword will definitely be of interest to you.

The majority of the sabers used in the Civil War actually weren’t as engraved as the one you see here. Decorations were usually reserved for high-ranking officials. However, a beautiful sword like this would have been an honored gift for a hero on the battlefield.

This saber is meant to be a foot officer’s sword. It weighs three-and-a-half pounds and comes with a steel scabbard with brass loopholes that make it easier to carry.

The gently curved blade is fashioned from carbon steel. Engravings on the display side of the blade feature historical leaf patterns, centered with a “U.S.” decal in the center of the artwork. These same engraved patterns make their way onto the handle as well.

Speaking of which, the handle is made from polished brass and is wrapped with a genuine leather cord. The guard and pommel aren’t as elaborate as others that you might see on an engraved sword like this, but then again, remember that this isn’t a sword meant for highly decorated ranks either. For SCA or home display, this is a beautiful quality sword that won’t disappoint.

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