Valor Naval Boarding Cutlass | Stainless Steel Military Sword | Full Tang Reenactment Blade

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Valor Naval Boarding Cutlass This 36″ overall length flat ground stainless steel replica more closely matches the weapon a naval officer might have carried than it does the shorter, heavier seaman’s cutlass that was the official sidearm of the enlisted riffraff of the day. Officers of the day were trained in fencing techniques. A typical sailor had less skill in swordsmanship and was issued less delicate weapons that favored brute strength over finesse. The standard cutlass was designed as much for hacking rigging as for hacking people. This longer and more slender variety of cutlass also became popular among cavalry troops who needed blades with more reach and finer control.

This reproduction of that old military weapon sports a cup style brass handguard, leather wrapped handle and brass fittings on the black leather wrapped sheath. It may not meet the exacting standards of a Civil War Reenactment Troop, but it’s definitely close enough for pirate costumes. The sword which actually inspired this replica probably dates back to the late 1800’s.

This blade is at the higher end of the costume offerings that are readily available and popular due to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. In today’s pirate world one would definitely have the upper hand when armed with this cutlass, since most of your opponents will be packing plastic.

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