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Victorinox Ranger 75 Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Camping Multitool

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Ranger 75 Swiss Army PocketVictorinox's 5.1" folded length Ranger, with a main knife blade almost 4" long and forged from high carbon stainless steel, ranks as an all around camp knife as well as the usual pocket tool kit. The clip point blade locks in place when fully extended. The 7 tool, 12 function Ranger is classified as a lockblade multi-tool in Victorinox vast catalog; a smaller pocketknife style by the same name offers more functions but less heft. The Ranger 75 is a bit too large for handy pocket access: similar items from Victorinox come with a nylon fabric belt sheath. That should be considered if you plan to carry this useful tool long enough to wear a hole in your trouser pocket.

The main tool beyond the knife blade is a streamlined set of needle nosed pliers, good enough for light work but not intended for use as a wrench. The grey knurled handle of this well made toolkit is built for leverage and a safe grip as well as good looks. Something I've often wished for when used a folding screwdriver blade is actually standard on this kit: the screwdriver blade also locks in the open position. That should save the heads of many screws.

Wire stripper, reamer, and awl may not be tools I need everyday on the trail, but the can opener and cap lifter always come in handy. The Ranger gets rid of things you seldom need and keeps the best of the rest.

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