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Viking Gladiator Fantasy Sword, Horn Helmet Cross Guard

Movie Replica w/ Wood Display Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Viking Gladiator Fantasy Sword, HornSome parts of this movie replica Viking Gladiator Sword are so unusual they deserve a closer look. Although by no means practical, this fantasy weapon does have a style all its own.

Forty-four inches long with a 33-inch-long, double-edged blade, the sword is impressively heavy. Even though the handle is wrapped with heavy wire instead of leather and includes a heavy, solid metal spiked pommel, the Viking sword has an unbalanced feeling. Obviously built only for display, the horned helmet ornamentation leaves large gaps between cross-guard and blade. Horns of cast resin were clearly not built to deflect enemy blades. That leaves us suspicious of important details like the hidden junction between tang and blade. There's certainly no reason to test this sword's ability to cut, because damage to the weapon is nearly guaranteed. The construction is crude, and the fullered section of blade was clearly nothing more than an afterthought. Possibly that's typical of Viking workmanship, but I'd expect better. Here, it seems that the smith ran short of time.

But with antiqued fittings and the dull but efficient look of the wire-bound grip, the sword has enough individuality that it's worth considering as a collector's piece. If you collect fantasy weapons and don't expect to hack down trees or enemy warriors with them, this could be an unusual display weapon for your wall. The sword comes with a lacquered hardwood plaque designed for wall display, but does not include a sheath.

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