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Wenger Adventurer Ranger by Mike Horn, Eco-Friendly

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Posted by JT Hats

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Wenger Adventurer Ranger by Mike Horn,Wenger partnered with explorer Mike Horn on the design of the Adventurer Ranger Swiss Army Knife -- the only knife Horn will use on his four-year-long expedition around the world. The Adventurer Ranger made it to National Geographic Adventure's list of 2010's best products because of its powerful mechanical design. The knife also holds true to the green theme of Horn's journey by including handle components of recyclable composite.

One of the best of the knife's features is that Wenger gives owners two 3.9-inch knife blades -- one serrated and one plain-edged. No matter how common the combination edge becomes, there's still no substitute for a full-length plain cutting edge when doing ordinary camp chores. Wenger refers to the serrated blade on the Adventurer as an emergency blade, more useful for cutting straps and rope when you need to work fast.

Another unusual feature of the Adventurer is the socket driven screwdriver set. There's no awkward combination bottle cap screwdriver blade -- Wenger found a different option for the Phillips bit as well. The interchangeable hex bits fit a socket at the base of the knife's body, turning the Adventurer into a high torque tool.

Everything on this knife makes good sense in expedition terms, and you won't get tool bits that just add weight without ever seeing use. Dual purpose blades include reamer with sewing eye, combination metal file and saw, and wire-cutting long nosed pliers. Wenger didn't forget the can opener, but in this knife, it's strictly for opening cans.

The 5.1-inch-long Adventurer weighs 8.8 ounces and carries best on the belt in the durable snap-closure pouch, also included.

Wenger's sister company Victorinox makes a knife of similar size but with very different blade options -- the Victorinox Ranger 75.

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