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Zar’roc Eragon Sword

Master Cutlery Movie Replica | Elven Sword

Posted by Ken

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Zar'roc Eragon Sword Remember in the movie Eragon when Brom reached into his sheath and pulled out his beautiful sword with that unmistakable red blade, and you thought to yourself, "whoa, that's a sweet sword?" Well here's your chance to take a closer look at Zar'roc, an officially licensed replica blade wielded by none other than Eragon the Dragon Rider.

The blade is made from stainless steel and is polished with the same wine red coating that made it stand out so vividly in the feature film, with the exception of the blood groove. The original color of the stainless steel groove accents the blade in an artistic contrast to the rest of the sword, bringing attention to the antiqued metal handle as well as the prominent spear point at the tip.

And what would a dragon rider's sword be without reptilian ornamentation? Atop the pommel sits a simulated sapphire-blue stone, reflecting the color of the dragon's egg. It's cradled in sculpted metal dragon tails that circle to form a solid setting on the handle.

This greatsword from Master Cutlery, Inc. measures an impressive 51 inches long and comes with a wooden plaque to display it on. The set also includes a custom leather-wrapped scabbard with antique metal hardware along with a certificate of authenticity.

For true Eragon enthusiasts, the Zar'roc won't disappoint.

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