Zetsurin Warrior Japanese Battle Ready Katana | Samurai Martial Arts Sword

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Zetsurin Warrior Japanese Battle ReadyAn economically priced and functional katana with a good reputation, the Zetsurin Warrior is hard to find now. Buyers liked the simple things about it, like being able to actually cut through training targets. The black sheath, covered with imitation ray skin, and the white nylon cord wrapped handle are not traditional designs but they do have a traditional look. A side sheath holds a small and more decorative throwing knife.

Forty inches long overall, the full tang blood grooved blade is secured in the wrapped wooden handle with two bamboo pegs. That pegged construction is very likely the sword’s weakest point but even so, it should take a lot of use and abuse. This katana comes already sharpened, and the carbon steel will hold a decent edge. As with any fighting blade, it deserves respect and caution in use. Carbon steel requires more care than stainless, but the low lustre of old carbon steel is more beautiful to lovers of fine blades than any mirror polish could be.

This is still not a workhorse combat blade. It lacks a guard, which makes it questionable as a real fighting weapon, and the construction is more decorative than durable. If you want a practice blade with the feel of a real sword it may be just good enough.

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