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Al Mar Havana Clipper Pocket Knife

Black Micarta Cigar Cutting Tool

Posted by Ken

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Al Mar Havana Clipper This unusual knife is not only a high-quality all-purpose pocket knife, it is also a money clip and a cigar clipper.

The Havana Clipper is made by Al Mar, a company known for making knives that are close to custom quality. All Al Mar knives are hand-finished and hand-sharpened.

This little knife has a short blade that easily opens and closes with one hand, thanks to a thumb stud and liner lock.

It will cut any cigar up to a 50 ring size and will even cut some 52 ring cigars. The money clip adds just one more level of luxury and refinement.

The Havana Clipper is a pocket tool for the gentleman. Just not one who is going to fly to Havana, since they'll never let you on a plane with this thing!

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