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Fits Mauser German Rifle | WW2 Militaria

Posted by Ken

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WWII German Mauser BayonetGerman bayonets from WWII are a popular miltaria collectible. These bayonets were often designed to attach to the Mauser rifle, effectively making them spears for close-in combat. The Mauser was a common WWII German officer's rifle.

The item pictured at the right is a genuine bayonet knife for sale on eBay. These genuine items come up for sale on periodically, but are somewhat rare. Fewer than fifty genuine German WWII bayonets have sold on eBay in the last ninety days.

Pictured is a bayonet knife, with wooden handle, that includes a scabbard. It's in good condition and measures about 38cm long. The blade is engraved and measures 25cm long. Other bayonets like this one are typically similar in description.

A good addition to any WWII militaria collection.

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